Molecular unfolding using Quantum Annealing for COVID-19 related research

A CINECA-POLIMI team is facing the problem of molecular unfolding using Quantum Annealing to address COVID-19 related researches. The team has the goal of exploiting the capability of the D-Wave quantum system to pre-process the molecules to be elaborated within the EXSCALATE drug-discovery platform. The access to the D-Wave quantum systems is offered by the company via the Leap quantum cloud service given the link of the research to the COVID-19 crisis.

Team Members: Daniele Ottaviani (CINECA), Riccardo Mengoni (CINECA), Gianluca Palermo (POLIMI) and Kevin Mato (POLIMI)–CINECA-PoliMi-Molecular-unfolding-with-Quantum-Annealing

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