Exscalate4CoV project: Supercomputers to fight the Coronavirus

Italy is leading Exscalate4CoV (E4C), the public-private consortium receiving 3 mln Euros from the European Commission’s H2020 tender for projects to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. The tender assigned a total of 47.5 million Euro to 17 projects (EC press release is here). E4C project is leveraging EU’s supercomputing resources coupling them with some of the continent’s best life-science research labs to counter international pandemics faster and more efficiently. The E4C consortium, coordinated by Dompé Farmaceutici, is composed of 18 institutions from seven European countries. Politecnico di Milano is one of the key partners of the Exscalate4CoV (E4C). At the core of the project is the Exscalate platform (EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns) developed by Dompé, Politecnico di Milano and CINECA. Exscalate is at present the most powerful (and cost-efficient) intelligent supercomputing platform in the world, leveraging a “chemical library” of 500 billion molecules, thanks to a processing capacity of more than 3 million molecules per second.

The POLIMI team is composed of prof. Cristina Silvano and prof. Gianluca Palermo. They are investigating autotuning techniques and application optimizations for high-performance computing, that they’ve applied to accelerate drug discovery in the ANTAREX project against the Zika virus.

For more information, please see:
EXSCALATE project website: https://www.exscalate.eu/en/
Exscalate4CoV effort: https://www.exscalate.eu/en/projects.html#Covid-19
Exscalate4CoV project website (under construction): https://www.exscalate4cov.eu/
Comunicato Stampa: https://www.cineca.it/area-stampa/comunicati-stampa/il-consorzio-exscalate4cov-progetto-di-riferimento-europa-contrastare
ANTAREX4ZIKA: https://www.exscalate.eu/en/projects.html#Antarex4Zika 
ANTAREX project website (www.antarex-project.eu)
EC press release on ANTAREX4ZIKA: https://cordis.europa.eu/news/rcn/131009/en?WT.mc_id=exp

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